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Hug an Elephant!

This time last year I got to experience meeting these powerful creatures and thought I’d share the story as well as give two lucky people a chance to experience meeting these elly’s too!

Did you know that elephants are highly emotional creatures and many researchers believe all elephants are actually suffering from trauma or some type of PTSD due to years of stress associated with species-wide mass killings and loss of habitat? They are also highly intelligent and are loyal to the bone, even if mistreated.

I can relate. I haven’t been killed for my ivory or trained to perform in the circus, but I am highly emotional and have lost my ‘habitat’ more than once. Once you realise how alike humans and animals are, your problems start to seem minimal.

Life has a funny way of working out, and all for the right reasons…

Ticking this dream off my Eff-It List (I don’t like the term ‘Bucket List’, rather just say F!&k it and DO IT) was something I never thought I’d actually do, especially after a breakup, but this experience came at just the right time and in a way, ‘healed’ me.

I’ve never won anything in my life other than a noddy badge and as true as bob, I entered a competition in Johannesburg (not even reading what I was entering!) and won tickets to a weekend getaway in Knysna of all places! I really didn’t think I was going to be able to go so I gave the tickets to my mom and Nonna. Life happened and I eventually gave up on love and Jhb and returned to Cape Town in time for this getaway.

I was finished [at being a human]…

… until I met these guys…

Knysna Elephant Park

They say elephants never forget (which is true) but what they don’t tell you is that you never forget an elephant.

Take a look at the photo gallery I have put together below of Buffalo Valley River Lodge in Goukamma Nature Reserve, and Knysna Elephant Park, a few km’s away. This getaway is life-changing and if you are looking for an escape, a honey-moon destination, or a family vacation, I would highly recommend it. No TV, no signal, just you and reality. And of course, your life will not be complete if you haven’t looked into the eyes of an elephant.

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Because I was blessed with something, I would like to bless someone by giving back and Knysna Elephant Park have kindly sponsored a gift, all you have to do is enter – GIVEAWAY: WIN TWO TICKETS TO ‘HUG AN ELEPHANT’

Be Still,

The Lovist




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