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Funemployed: How To Make Extra Cash

No, this isn’t some pyramid scheme and you won’t be a billionaire over night, it’s solely based my own experience and what want and need to do, after all, I can only speak for myself. 

In Aug 2015 I decided that I no longer wanted to work for others in order to make them rich, so I left my 9 to 5 and decided to work on and for myself. I knew what I wanted to do, had a dream to travel and work at the same time, and didn’t know how I was going to get there financially, but I did it. I managed to clear my debt and pay my expenses each month. I did whatever I needed to do to get by and I may not have my Ferrari yet, but what I’ve learnt and gained from this experience has been more valuable to me than the 10 years I was employed.

I have created a list below of ideas that can generate some form of income whether you are employed or not and will help clear clutter in your home [and mind] at the same time! There are also things to do that don’t involve you gaining money but will make you feel rewarded and grateful for what you do have. Bless others with a giving heart, and you will be blessed in return.

  • Sell clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery, kitchenware… You name it! If it hasn’t been worn in the past six months, or EVER… Sell it. You will be surprised at what people buy or need.
  • Sell items at boot sales. A 2nd hand stall cost is usually less than a 1st hand stall. You get to meet new people in and around your community and network. Just don’t buy your fellow stall member’s items! It happens.
  • Use social media to your advantage when trying to sell items. Create a Facebook page, a profile on Gumtree, OLX or any other online store such as Shopify. Gumtree, I find, has the quickest buyer response in South Africa but rather buyers or sellers at a local busy spot.
  • There are many buyers in the classified ads that will collect and pay for your unwanted items.
  • If you can, donate items that you feel you can’t sell, to a children’s school. The teachers will make use of male and female clothing too.
  • Donate your time to charity. Whether that’s animal welfare, an adoption agency, an underprivileged school or an old age home. Get a group of friends together who care about the same cause, make a plan and make a day or a morning of it.

    Founder Educare Project 2015, Khayelitsha, CPT
  • Fix any items around the house that are fixable but you don’t want, and sell/donate it. For e.g: I collect used clothing and whatever needs to be fixed, I alter and sell.
  • Whatever your talent is, offer it has a service. Sell, trade, borrow, exchange, do what you can do.  I have a highly talented friend who draws mandalas in her spare time for ‘therapy’, and sells them for donations towards her favourite charity – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
  • If you not sure what to do talent-wise, bake or cook and sell them at school, work and markets. After all, if you have a talent in cooking, why not? Some people can’t even toast bread properly.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable selling items to strangers, trade or exchange clothing or household items with your friends and family. You’d be surprised who will be comfortable with doing this, and how refreshing it can be for the household.
  • Try save money anywhere and everywhere you can. This doesn’t mean be completely stingy, just watch your pocket when it comes to certain things. You don’t need to buy a R1000 dermal face mask every month. Just like you don’t need to buy a Woolies salad everyday. Make your own. Every penny counts.
  • I LOVE DIY projects at home and it has saved me so much money, especially cutting out on labour costs. I redecorated and painted my bathroom. It not only helped me mentally (can be therapeutic), I learnt from it and felt so rewarded and proud of my bathroom because I took the time to read about how to fix it up myself. Make it a family project if you feel you don’t have enough time to Do It by Yourself.

I au-paired two children and was a teacher’s assistant as well. This was right up my alley but if you can’t au-pair, there are other options for extra cash. Start a fitness group, walk the neighbor’s dogs, house-sit, be a personal shopper, fix cars… Whatever YOU enjoy. Get the family involved. And who cares what people think of you, the only thing that matters is that you are better than the person you were yesterday. You are only in competition with yourself.


I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, please comment below!

Make dat moola,

The Lovist



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