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Dare to be Different 

Shit, it’s another day where another Legend moves over to Rock n Roll in another realm. And yet another reminder that life will always be short. This is written and dedicated to Prince and all the other ‘different’ individuals out there, as well as my parents who always let me be me…

Make a difference when you are still alive… People will either honor or never know you, when you’ve passed on, it’s up to you. Difference, though? Personally, I love that word. My whole life I was made to feel different from everyone else and it made me question myself all the time. Coming from a strict catholic school in the heart of Ysterplaat, Cape Town, I had and still have friends from every ethnic background. Our differences aren’t that different at all. I was that white girl that asked for a ‘bompie’ at tuck-shop when I moved over to a different school in the suburbs. Kids were laughing for days. I wore lime green, orange and bright pink all in the same outfit because I insisted on dressing myself. I was rejected for modeling because of my nose. Couldn’t do a triple pirouette in the 8 years of ballet. Yes, life could’ve been way worse, I have seen it through some of my friend’s lives. However, it’s these little moments in childhood that stick with you and can ‘define’ you when you become older. Where you feel like something is wrong with you because everyone else has their shit together and you don’t?

Well, they don’t. No one has their shit together. Even when they think they have their shit together.

At 26, being different is what I strive for now. I am different, you are different. There are reasons for that.

Look at Prince… You think any other fully grown male would sing about purple rain and get away with it? You can come close. But you could never replace the original. The one who chose to embrace his differences. And Queen? Queen was butt ugly, but his singing voice, stage personality and his ‘no-shit’ attitude made him the legend both women and men showed their titties to. MJ was mocked as a kid for ‘dancing weirdly’. Elvis was mocked because he couldn’t dance at all. And then there’s Bowie…

So next time you criticize and judge someone else for being ‘different’, learn from each-other and look at yourself. Look at what makes you different and focus on that rather. Our own insecurities in our mind get to us, we are all human, so don’t magnify other’s insecurities to make yourself feel better. Embrace and learn to love your ‘different’ ass! You have something that this world doesn’t have… you.


R.I.P to the legendary Prince 07/06/1958 – 21/04/2016


Dare to be Different…

The Lovist xxx



*Featured Photo: Freddie Mercury Design from Fans of Queen




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