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What To Do In Bangkok | The Lovist

I LOVE the bustling and hustling city of Bangkok! I lived in the heart of BKK for 6 months and it was some of the best and crazy times of my life.

Bangkok is a crazy, congested yet peaceful city and it would take a lifetime to explore every inch of it! Here are some starters, which include partying, shopping and touring to get you going… 

Cycle Through Traditional Bangkok

See Bangkok by Bicycle and explore the heart of the city through jungle and village life! Learn traditions of the culture and shop at the floating markets.DCIM100GOPROGOPR8702.


View the City from a Sky Bar

Before I left, this was the one thing I had to do before I left…watch the sunset and sip on a [very expensive] cocktail at a Sky Bar. I went to Cielo Sky Bar, but there are many in the city to choose from.

Chao Phraya River

This is one of the main rivers in Thailand and is another form of major transport for river buses, water taxis and ferries. There are tours, cruises and Tourist Information Centre’s available at all piers. Read my post Transport in Thailand for more info. There are night markets along the river too and so many hotels and restaurants to choose from.

I would recommend having dinner and drinks on one of the ferries/boats that take you up and down the river for about 2 hours. The food is good and you get to see all the architecture Bangkok has to offer. It’s even cooler and prettier at night. PS: avoid the sushi…I got food poisoning.

Click here for a Pier Guide.

Shop at Chatuchak Weekend Market

This massive market is just off the Mo Chit BTS Station in Chatuchak Park.

One word: Shopper’s Paradise. Literally. Anything that you want, you can find it here…for really cheap! From food to reptiles to samurai swords to Michael Kors’ handbags, you name it. This market is known to be one of the biggest and most “touristy” markets in Bangkok for about 11 years now. Be sure to hold on tight to each-other, the place is packed and there are rows and alleys of things to get through, you do not want to lose each-other there!

I wouldn’t advise going through a tour guide at this market. 1) you might lose them. 2) they might take their time or be too fast paced. Rather take your time to do what you want to do and you can shop without impulsive buying.


Chatuchak Map

Shop at Chinatown

I call this ‘Crazy Town’. Chinatown is like Chatuchak Market on steroids! A city on its own, which is awesome to experience. You feel as if you are literally in mini Shanghai or Beijing right here in Bangkok! You can also find anything and everything here, including the strangest food. If you are vegan or vegetarian…rather avoid the food markets. And no, Chinese people don’t eat dogs and cats.

Party at Khao San Road and Soi Cowboy

If you’re keen for a night out in town, these two roads in Bangkok offer that and more 😉

Soi Cowboy is a nightlife district and tourist attraction. A 150 meter road full of go-go dancing clubs, mainly. Soi Cowboy is a 1 min walk from the BTS Asok Station in Sukhumvit Soi (road) 21 and 23.

Khao San Road is a lot longer with more bars, clubs and live music. Drinks, food, music, dancing, women and lots of fun! A great way to meet people!

Both these roads are completely blocked off from cars at night because foot traffic is so insane and so that your drunk ass doesn’t get knocked over!

Tour Grand Palace

Where do we start. This ancient [est. 1782] residence for Thai Kings is a 218 400 square meter property so you could spend a day here if you really wanted to.

It’s situated in Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Nakhon in the heart of Bangkok and is open from 8:30am – 15:30pm.

Avoid going here within Chinese New Year (Feb/Mar)! It is very ‘touristy’ and so busy!

As you walk in, on your right, there is a textile museum in honour of the Queen, showing the various traditional dresses worn throughout the years and has such a beautiful range of silk, if you into that sort of thing? There is an entry fee involved, which is about 100 baht.

On the left is the Grand Palace of the King and there is a part of the palace where you can view for a 500 Baht entry fee.

For me personally, it was cool to see. I appreciate the architecture, temples, the palace and the amount of history and detail there is but I wouldn’t go there again in a hurry. There are way too many people and if you get claustrophobic like myself, it’s not advisable!

If Grand Palace doesn’t seem like something you would do, you might Wat Pho.

The Grand Palace

*You may not take photo’s inside the actual palace.

Visit Wat Pho – Temple of the Big Reclining Buddha

This is one of the top ten temples to visit in Bangkok and is situated right next to the Grand Palace in Pranakorn District. Entrance fee is 100 Baht. Open from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm daily. 

It is honestly beautiful, the temples are a must see! Starting with the Temple of the Big Reclining Buddha. This 15 meter tall and 46 meter long statue is covered in gold and the soles of the feet are carved with Mother of Pearl. The detail is mind-blowing and I took the time to appreciate those that used their bare hands to craft this magnificently large and iconic sight. There are 108 bowls on the one side of the temple where you can put coins in the bowls for good luck, fortune and health. 108 referring to the number of positive actions and symbols that helped the Buddha reach perfection.

Wat Pho is fairly large as there are many temples, each having a different statue or representation of the Buddha. The detail in each temple is extraordinary!

There is also the number one school of Thai Massage, and you can relax and have a massage at the school.

There are tour guides in most languages available for about 200400 baht that can explain the meanings behind the statues, temples, history and traditions.

Shop at Pantip Plaza

One of the best things I love to do, being a gadget girl and all, is to go to Bangkok’s biggest IT mall in New Phetchaburi Road in Ratchathewi. They are open between 10am – 9pm everyday. You can find any gadget and piece of technology under one roof, including a Nokia 3310! There are about 6 floors of tech and appliance heaven…




I hope you enjoy Bangkok! Please comment below if you have any other recommendations and/or experiences to share!






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