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Tour the ‘Green Lungs’ of Bangkok by Bike | The Lovist

When I lived in Thailand, I loved to travel alone in Thailand, but sometimes I missed places I never knew about right outside of my doorstep! That’s where TakeMeTour comes in. I toured the Green Corner of Bangkok by Bike but you can enjoy any day-trip in +40 provinces in Thailand, including Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya …

My daily routine used to involve a lot of walking, public transport, work work work, relying on technology and running through the rat race of Bangkok city life…not to mention breathing in all the pollution! Sometimes you just have to let loose, find your inner kid and explore! Get out. Breathe fresh air. Or do things you wouldn’t normally do…


For four hours I completely lost myself into this ‘jungle village’ just 10 minutes away from where I live!


We took a long-tailed boat from the Khlong Toey port to cross the Chao Praya River into Bang Ka Chao district in Samut Prakran. You can literally see the division of the two different worlds Bangkok has to offer: the modern, sky-scraping, busy city and the green, wild and traditional village life.



As you get off the boat, you hire a bicycle (40 baht/hour or 80 baht/day) and you ride through the beautiful, green Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park And Botanical Garden.



There are numerous animals in the area such as snakes, lizards, squirrels, crocodiles and many kinds of birds. You may even purchase food to feed the thousands of fish in the river.


Cycle to the lookout point for a peaceful view…


Visit one of the temples in the area that is currently under renovation but just as majestic.



*Little FYI* I learnt that Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) was born under The Bodhi Tree which is a sacred fig tree, like this one.


We carried on riding through the narrow roads of the village through to the Bang Nampueng Floating Market for some local, traditional Thai foods and desserts. There are arts and crafts, organic products, curios, gifts, clothing, shoes…you name it. And it is one of the cheapest markets I’ve been to in Bangkok.



You can feed Koi Fish with fish pellets in a baby bottle (cute!)…


…Let a 5-year-old intimidate you into touching slimy baby eels! (This is a delicacy here)


…or shoot tin cans with a catty?


Then head off to this beautiful spot where you can learn how to traditionally tie-dye cloth and make your own items, while supporting the local community.



You can also learn the sacred Thai art of making incense in all shapes, colours and sizes.



I could’ve easily stayed in this Botanical Garden the whole day but after 4 hours of riding in the humidity, it was time to head back to the pier.

I honestly had such a fun and awesome experience cycling with TakeMeTour’s local tour expert! It was so informal yet professional, and I appreciated that as it felt like my friend was showing me around. It really helped to have a guide who is a local and can speak English to explain everything to you.  I learnt so much in these four hours, that I would probably have never learnt by myself. Thank you TakeMeTour! 🙂


Book your day-trip online with TakeMeTour on their easy-to-use Website, App Store or Play Store apps or follow them on the links below:




I highly recommend taking a ride on the wild side of Bangkok!

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