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Koh Samui, the Party Island of Thailand

Another memory will always be etched into my mind and heart, the Island of Samui. 

If you haven’t heard about the recent explosions happening around Thailand, there have been 11 to date. It’s heartbreaking and I’m not here to be depressing, instead trying to do the opposite and show the beauty behind Thailand. Although Koh Samui wasn’t hit, it is one of Thailand’s main tourist destinations and I now understand why…

I had so much fun on the short time I spent on this island with fellow blogger WhatTheBlog. You haven’t been to Koh Samui unless you’ve slightly crashed your hired scooter, partied on the beach with strangers around the world, watched a live fire show, drank a bucket of alcohol and swam in the warm sea at night, fully clothed. (RIP to my watch)

So with every positive, there are negatives and the only negative things I have to say about Ko Samui is:

  1. It is damn expensive as it is an island and the locals make their moolah from the tourists, this includes flights, accommodation and restaurant food. e.g: What you would spend inland (100-150 baht) on scooter taxi fare, you will spend 400-500 baht for roughly the same distance and time on the island. It’s cheaper to hire a scooter (and there are SO many spots where you can hire).
  2. It’s not always pictured as what you’d see in the pictures on the interweb. Some beaches are too full or too dirty, just depends on where you go.

Ko Pha Ngan is another party island where they have Full Moon Festivals and plenty to drink and then there’s Ko Tao which is an amazing little island not too far and completely secluded and less touristy. Hop onto a ferry and make sure you go with a group. I’ll definitely be back for more island-hopping!

…Nevertheless, Ko Samui is amazing and I’ll just leave this little gallery here:

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