Travel UnEssentials

It hasn’t been easy, but this female finally narrowed it down to my top ten travel unessentials that are not only for females! 

This year I have spent a lot of time packing and unpacking what I thought was necessary at the time into a 60cm Delsey bag, only to find that half of the things I didn’t use or really need.

Most bloggers post about the essential items of travelling and since I don’t want to be like most bloggers, I have put together a small list of travel UNessentials, if you are limited for space:

1. Mini speaker

This is a great item to have if you a music-lover such as myself but it does take up space and sometimes just doesn’t even get used. I remember before I had one, I used to put my cellphone is a glass cup and bingo…There’s your speaker!

2. Laptop

Now while I cannot simply picture my life without my Macbook, it was the heaviest thing in my backpack and took up so much space, where I could’ve just used my phone or swopped it for an iPad or tablet. Dare I say.

3. Small luggage

I overestimated small luggage by thinking the smaller, the better. If you are travelling for a weekend or for a quick business meeting, then yes sure…but going for something medium or large-sized, isn’t always a bad thing. Just remember to not go too overboard with the shopping! I usually roll all my clothing and vacuum pack them into bags, to save space…but then you need to make sure you have access to a vacuum cleaner wherever you’re travelling too! The joys…

4. Books

I’ve taken my best books with me to read on the plane or on the beach BUT I could’ve saved some space and money by just simply purchasing online e-books and reading them off my phone. And of all the long-ass flights I’ve been on, not once have I actually read a book. 6 movies later though.

5. Boots

Unless you’re going into snow or you’re a model, boots are simply wasting space. Sneakers, sandals and a pair of heels or two for the ladies, are enough…trust me.

6. Medication and large toiletries

Now unless you need chronic meds daily for a specific condition…the antihistamines, painkillers, nose-sprays and whatever other drugs you think you need, you can most likely find them at your destination too.

Toiletries are a pain in my ass because I have more of them than actual clothing for some reason. I’ve stocked up on 100ml bottles, zip-locked this and that and it still takes up so much space, so choose your toiletries wisely and only take the necessities. 

7. Smart clothing

Don’t get me wrong. I love to dress up and wear something formal if we go out but you don’t need 10 pairs of smart clothes if you only will be wearing 2.


Share your travel tips and non-essentials below!

Happy packing!




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