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What I Miss When I Leave Home, South Africa

Today is National Heritage Day and it’s been the first time I can honestly say I’m Proudly South African. 

If only us South Africans could see the positive side to our country more than our negative side…we would be an unbreakable nation working together as we have more in common with each-other than what we think we do.

It took me to leave the country to appreciate my heritage and the little things I miss about home every-time I leave… like:

  • Our diverse culture. I have friends from all races and cultures and there’s nothing more educating than learning how to make a lekker biryani or making a fire to braai!
  • THE FOOD! a BBQ just isn’t the same as a braai!
  • Ouma Rusks and Rooibos tea!
  • How friendly and welcoming most of our country is.
  • How we always stand up for what we believe in, regardless if we all agree on something or not.
  • Our original sense of humour! No-one in the rest of the world gets us!
  • TABLE frikken MOUNTAIN! The views of our cities are amazing and I am proud to call Table Mountain one of the 7 wonders of the world. The only one that’s not man-made.
  • Our slang and languages. ‘howzit boet!’
  • The sunsets! We have some of the best ones in the world.
  • Not having to fill in my own petrol or pack my own groceries. We really are spoilt 🙂
  • Biltong. Proper biltong.
  • Nik-Naks!
  • Milktert
  • Driving
  • The fact that we call a spade a spade. Well, most of us!
  • My family of course!

Ok so I mainly miss the food 😉 Comment below on what you miss when you leave Suid Afrika!

Hamba Kakuhle,




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