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COLDFIELD – Review on South Africa’s rising Rock band

Without a doubt, if there’s one thing I believe in and love, is the power of music… great music.

These highly talented musicians put together have created such a stir-up in the SA rock music scene, it makes sense as to why their music has reached the amount of publicity and acceptance in such a short amount of time, I just HAD to write about them and support local talent and friends in some way.

I was honored to be able to spend time with the band behind the scenes and get to know them as the undeniably talented, funny and seriously unstoppable band, COLDFIELD:


First things first, I have to know, where does the name ‘Coldfield’ come from?

‘The coldfield’ is the phase of sleep when you’re between asleep and awake. 


Introducing the band members… 

Damian Meyer – Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Greenwood – Drums
Sharné Van Zyl – Vocalist
Ross Cooke – Bass Guitar
Damien Richards – Lead Guitar


Who started COLDFIELD?

“Coldfield was initially just a ‘background thought’ or a potential side project while I [Damian Meyer] was in an internationally acclaimed band, Novarise. I was writing songs daily but I knew unfortunately that they didn’t fit in with the format of the band. We eventually split up after our recording sessions in LA due to differences.

After wrapping up the SA tour and recording an album with world-renowned Goth band, The Awakening, Ashton Nyte made the call to rather work with local (USA) band members due to the logistics and restrictions it placed on the band’s ability to play and tour abroad. I wished him well and sat in silence for about 3 days after that. Personally, it was a sad day, but everything kept pointing back to COLDFIELD.

Everything kept saying, ‘ Do your OWN thing, with your OWN music!’

I ignored it…until my wife convinced me to finally start it up.

After 11 bands, 3 under signed management and labels, multiple top 10 charting songs, touring and recording abroad successfully…I started all over.

“It takes years to establish your brand, sounds and reputation. It takes a great team, as much as it takes great music and a solid live performance.” 

Time to recruit!”


Who was first to join? 

The beautiful blonde energetic vocalist, Sharné!

Do not underestimate this girl because damn does she have pipes, with an impressive 3 octave range! Vocally and lyrically capable of making Paramore look like a K-Pop group.

“She had just split from Midnight Scarlett and was keen to join if Coldfield came into existence, so the timing was perfect.”


Was it difficult to recruit your own band?

“I [Damian] recruited the rest of the band over 2 weeks, during writing sessions which began in October 2015.

Ryan Greenwood (Sidewalk Circus; Burning Blue) then joined as the drummer.

As it usually happens with new bands, we went through member changes, two members left and this left a big gap in the team.

Enter Damien Richards and Ross Cooke.”



Who are some of your music influences and how would you establish your own sound?

With influences like Icon for Hire, Lacuna Coil, Fightstar and Tool, it was an interesting couple of weeks writing in order to find our own unique sound.

“After finalizing the lineup, and 2 weeks into rehearsals, we teamed up with JP De Stefani at B Sharp Studios (Prime Circle, Just Jinger, Jesse Clegg, Van Coke Cartel) to record our debut single, ‘Nightmares’.

This established our sound in the local scene, as well as abroad. The song received airplay on over 70 radio stations worldwide.

Since then, the band has established it’s own unique vibe, sound and explosive live performance in the local scene, pushing forward daily.”



There are perceptions and preconceived notions of female vocalists in the rock scene. How is this in South Africa? 

There has been a long list of great female vocalists in SA for years and woman who can hold their own in the international scene. In my opinion, they seem to be more and more active within genres outside of the hard rock and metal scene.

There are a huge amount of female fronted bands in every genre in SA at the moment and they are being taken more seriously as rock vocalists daily. It will take some time for the female fronted side of the rock and metal scene to grow to a point that it can hold its own in the local scene and nurture the next generation of female rockers, but that day is creeping closer and closer.”


What are some of the perceptions of female-fronted rock bands? 

“What makes it difficult is the fact that the local rock and metal scene, to a large extent, USED TO BE a boy’s club. This made it tougher for female fronted rock and metal bands to break into the scene. Also, people would automatically peg you as an Evanescence, Paramore or Flyleaf ‘inspired’ band and lump you together, without taking the time to listen, as this is what we used to hear on local popular radio stations.

Don’t get me wrong, being compared to world-class acts are great, BUT it makes it difficult to establish your own sound before being classed into a specific genre, style or sound.”



Does this affect the band at all? 

“Luckily, our scene is growing and has been more open to more styles, genres and vibes than ever before, as long as it’s good music, listeners, stations and other bands are happy to include the new fledgling artists and projects and expand the scene and support everyone in it!

I’m happy that we entered the scene when we did. The timing was just right!”


How do you think we can change these perceptions? 

“Well, over the years due to the current state of and global accessibility and reach of social media, it’s a little easier to get your sound out there to the masses on a large-scale without being pre-categorized as a specific style of band.”


What are the current happenings with the band and music? 

“We’re currently busy with our EP, ‘The Silent’.


We started a global pre-order initiative on our own so that all of our fans will have access to our EP and at the same time, have a chance to be a huge part of the process. By pre-ordering the EP, our fans effectively fund the entire EP process and merchandise so that we can get it out there to everyone before the end of the year.

We’re also looking at doing a documentary about the EP process so that we can share all of our experiences without fans, family and followers.”


And the international scene? 

“As much as we love the local scene and the current influx of local support for local bands and artists, we’d also like to get into the international scene and get in front of different and bigger global audience. We’ve been chatting to a very well-known and well-respected guitarist and producer in the US (it’s a surprise for now) about possibly working with him in the future. He can guide us in the right direction and put us in contact with the right people to talk to, to get our music out to a bigger scale.

The only thing holding us back unfortunately, is the finances (ain’t that always the thing though!) so the moment we can figure out a way to get over there, without selling our kidneys and taking out loans, we’ll be there and we’ll give The Lovist the first exclusive!”


Who are some of your sponsors?

Tattoos are done by Steven at From The Ashes Tattoo Studio, who is also running a loyalty program where you get rewarded for getting inked!

Hair and beauty sponsors are the lovely ladies from The Butterfly Effect Hair and Beauty Bar.

Photo’s are captured by the talented Maxine Heroldt Photography.


Where can we grab your tunes?

You can listen to and purchase our music on iTunes, Google Play, Band Camp and Amazon. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


Be sure to follow and keep up with COLDFIELD on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for new music, updates and live feeds! You HAVE to check out their official music video for the single, Feel Alive!

If you would like to help fund, sponsor or support COLDFIELD in any way, please email Help fellow South Africans reach the international borders!


GIVEAWAY!! >>> COLDFIELD is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a copy of their EP AND 2 tickets to see them LIVE at Rumours Fest in Johannesburg this month! You don’t want to miss out! Click the links for more details.

Thank you to COLDFIELD! Keep the tunes coming!


The Lovist x






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