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Central London Through my Eyes

It’s been a year this month, since I started my blog. This time last year I started my journey in Thailand and now I thought it would be cool to share my first time in the city of London:

Yip, It’s like walking into a movie. Coming from South Africa and Bangkok city life, I thought I knew what a ‘busy’ rat race was like…pfffft.

  1. Trying not to get lost on the tube is an adventure in itself. I felt stuck in a time-lapse and thank God I was with people who knew their way around or else I would probably still be stuck there today.
  2. The variety of food! OMG. Try not to get fat. There is every cuisine and nationality of food available. I met more Italians in the city centre than Italy itself and stuffed my face with cannoli’s.
  3. You will pay more for things in central London. Fact.
  4. Didn’t bother taking a car into the centre as the amount of transport available was overwhelming for me. I loved the fact I could hop on and off a bus or take the tube. Bicycles are available to rent on the streets too, if you feeling like you should work that massive jacket potato off.
  5. The vibe. I tell you. It’s amazing! I am actually at a loss for words to even begin to describe it.
  6. If you’re heading to Harrods, and you’ve never been before… brace yourself. Firstly, I felt like a homeless person walking in there dressed in below casual clothing, couldn’t afford a cupcake in that place, yet the amount of people walking out with Prada, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and every other international luxury fashion brand was…f!#$%? insane. To put it lightly. It’s like Canal Walk and the V&A Waterfront combined, with steroids. My favourite floor was the 6th floor, toy section and then of course the gadget section. The very expensive gadget section. They even have a millionaire’s collectables section.
  7. The history of this city intrigues me and I hope others appreciate it like I do as there’s so much beauty in the details.
  8. The variety of different cultures in one hub blew my mind! I met people from all over! And it’s like that everywhere in the UK.

Ok, enough talking! Here are the pics:   [Click any image below and view the gallery]

So London isn’t only about football and shitty weather…there’s so much to see and do in this city! I try visit as often as I can and always feel blessed to be part of this ‘world’.

Love from London,

Nikita | The Lovist




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