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First Session of Life Coaching and Energy Rebalancing

Last Sunday I had my first session with Richard and Marta and it’s taken a week to actually think about my experience and try to word it best, without sounding completely crazy or like I was high on LSD.

Before I begin to explain my session, I feel I need to share this video by Jim Carrey. I relate to him so much. It explains a lot of what spirituality entails and where I am at presently. Some say Jim speaks a lot about what spiritual teacher, Alan Watts teaches. Nevertheless, we can learn from both humans.

Please read my experience with an open mind and a listening heart. I fully respect people’s opinions and beliefs and hope to be treated the same.

The session involved 4 stages:

  • Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Rebalancing
  • Reflection


I was asked and spoke about my day and what I had experienced after my first consultation. On Sunday I was on an emotional low after being on a new energy buzz since the consultation. I let sadness and doubt creep into my heart, again.

I had spent Mother’s Day in the UK with my mom and gratefully so, had a beautiful day in the spring sun of Henley-on-Thames. Having a meal with people I love, is one of my favourite pleasures and I treasure each moment spent with family more so now, then ever before.

Dropping off my mom at the train station and saying goodbye never gets easier. It always reminds me of being 11 years old and saying goodbye to my dad at the airport every year. Even though I know I’ll see them again, I also know time is never guaranteed. It never gets easier, you just have to learn to become stronger. I love having my mom around to talk about ‘women’ and baby things, things I can’t always speak to my partner about because as a male, he can’t always relate…

Richard helped me realise I should never take that personally, that I can’t rely on my partner to always reassure me of my emotional needs and fully relate how I’m feeling as a pregnant woman. It’s not always up to your other half to just know. They’re not mind readers. I have to learn how to fulfill my own emotional needs and love myself first. I know this, have heard it a million times, read it and yet I didn’t put it into action and it showed in the results of my relationship.


The best part.

For thousands of years, in many religions and cultures, people have relied on meditation for healing, de-stressing, and knowing something higher than yourself. It should ideally be taught in schools and not only temples. Your body is a temple, after all. If you don’t take care of it, it will deteriorate quicker, from the inside out.

In my meditation, I ‘revisited’ a beach in Koh Samui where I was last year, physically. I felt calm, happy and free being there…so I ‘went back’ there by just closing my eyes and visualising it in my mind. Your mind is a powerful tool that can take you anywhere and make you believe anything.

I went back to Koh Samui for the sound of the waves, the warm water, the soft salty sand between my toes, the sun on my bare skin, the hammock tied from one palm tree to another, the sound of the wind passing through the palm leaves, the smell of the salty air, but most of all, I will never forget that sunset of pink, yellow and orange skies and the feeling of absolutely no worries in the world. It was almost surreal to be there. Like heaven on earth.


Richard guided me through the meditation using his calm voice and the sound of waves in the background. I literally felt like I was back on that exact beach, sitting in the sand like a baby Buddha. I visualised an orb around me. An orb so energetic, I felt like nothing could touch me. I was fully protected. No harm, negativity and madness of the world could affect me. And in the present realm, you shouldn’t let it. Sitting in the sand, I felt truly connected to the earth, like roots were attached to my body from the earth’s core. I’ll provide a rough drawing to the best of my ability, don’t judge me 😉 I can explain it as looking like the Tree of Life.

File 02-04-2017, 20 21 51

A reminder that we all are really connected to each other and nature and every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

I then moved into the hammock, lying down still in the same protective orb. Tears ran down my cheeks, physically too. Not sad tears though. Overwhelming, sensational, warm tears and my heart beating through my chest, knowing that I am made from love, am love and should show love, always. A reminder to love myself completely as imperfectly perfect I am. I felt little feet move in my womb, knowing I’ll never be alone and I never have been.

I am made from love, am love and should show love, always.


Back into sitting in the sand, I was told to breathe in from my belly button, feel the air move up my spine and breathe out my mouth. As I breathed, I blew in and out purple healing energy, as described by Richard. Visualising this, is just as important as breathing. I struggled to breathe in the beginning like something was holding me back, like I forgot how to breathe. Why was it so difficult and uncomfortable to breathe? It’s an unconscious decision we take for granted each living moment, yet without it we cannot survive. Eventually, I became calm, relaxed, like a noodle! 🙂 It was relieving and I could breathe normally again.


I opened my eyes and returned to reality and reflected on my thoughts, sat in silence for a bit, in a trance. I believe we should sit in silence for bit everyday. No phones, social media, television, music…just the pure loudness of silence. If it’s with a partner or alone. It clears the mind, de-stresses, resulting in a more productive and positive mind = daily actions. This is just my opinion.

Marta mentioned during the meditative process, my throat chakra was blocked, lacking expression. A voice that needs to be heard. My neck, shoulders, head and sinus pain is connected to this and had to be unblocked. I haven’t had a sinus and tension headache since. I simply needed to breathe. Looks like the sinus op I had, was basically for nothing! Marta encouraged me to continue writing, as it is a form of expression. I explained to her that writing was like breathing for me. I should stop thinking about how to ‘breathe’ and simply ‘breathe’. 

Richard explained that he deals with many client’s energies, some in a form of an animal, some violent and aggressive. Mine was simply calm and I was ready to let my negative energy go. TRUE. He described my negative energy was in the form of a black scorpion. The scorpion didn’t have a curled up tailed, but the tail was around the neck. At first this didn’t make sense to me but when I thought about it…the alarm went off in my head. I have a very defensive, ‘snappy’ side which is part of my ego and not my inner self. It’s a part of me which I have accumulated over the years from defending myself from other people’s pain, and it has literally stopped me from expressing myself the way I know I can. I only had myself to blame for this.

Since the session, I’ve only felt tired. Like I could sleep for a week. This is normal as shifting consciousness and releasing energy as well as pregnancy in the second trimester can be tiring. I do feel mentally ‘lighter’, calmer, at peace, happier and ‘softer’ – my defensiveness seems to have disappeared. I have also stopped thinking negatively about myself and changed my doubts and fears into hope and faith.

If I feel like this after one session, I can only imagine how I’ll feel after completing this journey.

Thank you Marta and Richard!


For more information, click on the links below:

Marta Kunicka: Facebook and Website

Richard Davies: Facebook and Website

Watch this video/radio interview by Radio W.O.R.K.S World for more of an in-depth insight on what Marta and Richard actually do and how they do it!


Get in touch with Marta and Richard to see how they can help you:


Until next session,

Nikita | The Lovist




4 thoughts on “First Session of Life Coaching and Energy Rebalancing”

  1. This is so beautiful😢 I am so proud of you for embarking on this awesome journey. I cannot compliment this piece enough, your writing is beautiful Kita 😊 and more so for sharing- i realize how much it must have taken to put it all into words. Keep going, keep growing and keep writing my friend 😘


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