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Decluttering Your Home to Declutter Your Mind 

Have you ever owned something that you just can’t seem to get rid of and you’re not sure why? Everytime you’ve tried to get rid of it, you procrastinate and say “maybe I will wear it next summer” or “I will give it away” or “I will use it in the future”… but never do? And the more stuff you get rid of, the more it feels like stuff is taking over your home? Yeah, that’s been me.

Well, I have come to realise and learn, unashamedly through the help of my 4th session of Life Coaching and Energy Rebalancing, that everything you own or have been given, comes with its own energy and brings up certain feelings or attachments, whether you wear it, simply have it collecting dust in your home or is a sentimental item. I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain by using a few examples from my life:

A) I have specific toys that to this day I cannot and will not give or throw away, because it was given to me by my late grandfather. When I go through my childhood gifts from him, I still cry to this day. The memories and emotions attached to it is etched in my brain and it’s only human to associate things with people, places or memories.

B) Before leaving South Africa, I was shopping for luggage to take with to move to Thailand. I found two bags that I really liked, but couldn’t decide on one. As I opened one, I found a small clear quartz crystal inside, which looked like it came from a necklace or bracelet. I couldn’t believe that no one else noticed it and just left it there. I took it as a sign and bought that bag. Turns out that clear quartz crystals are used for healing, personal development and intuition… everything that I was seeking for at that time of my life and eventually went through alone in Thailand. To this day, I travel with it everywhere I go.

C) Again, before I left SA, I got rid of clothing and accessories that a ex-boyfriend gave me. You think, ‘it’s just clothing’, but when you give a gift, there’s always a reason for giving that gift. Whether the giver is giving it consciously or not. The intention could be good but the meaning behind it, isn’t always. As soon as I got rid of those items, I can’t explain how relieved I actually felt. Like a hold was lifted off of me. I was no longer controlled by what he wanted me to look like, what I thought I should look like for everyone else or manipulated by what was given to me. Gift giving eventually became a competition and it should definitely not be like that. I’m glad I learnt this so it doesn’t happen in the future.

For many people, the more things they own, the better they feel. A bigger house however = more furniture = more items within or on furniture…more more more. It can either soothe the ego and make you feel better about yourself, more accomplished and more ‘successful’ than your peers OR it can suffocate you, be overwhelming and make you feel like you’re drowning in your own home.

I also see it similarly to having a bigger handbag just means putting more crap in it, eventually you have the kitchen sink tucked in there! That handbag just keeps on getting heavier, weighing you down. Metaphorically this happens in life too.

I look back now and I was drowning, weighing myself down. I was so spoilt. And at the time I thought it was so difficult to part with those ALDO heels. I now believe less is definitely more. I can’t begin to explain the freedom you feel when you have just a luggage bag of belongings with you and nothing else. There’s honestly more to life. I’m not saying don’t treat yourself with your own hard-earned money, I’m saying be careful of what you bring into your life because it can cause toxicity in your life.

What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

I can only speak for myself and if you can relate with me on what I’m about to tell you, then let me know!

I didn’t realize it then but in the past, when I received and owned items that were given to me by a toxic person, my life became stained with bad habits. I didn’t give a shit about others, I had a foul mouth (well, a worse one than what I have now), I smoked, drank, experimented with drugs and overall I simply forgot how to look after myself, my relationships and just simply be myself. I became exactly like my ex.

It’s taken me traveling alone, a lot of learning and healing, listening to my intuition and personal development, not to mention falling pregnant, to realise how toxic I actually was. My thoughts really became my actions and reflected in my daily life. I didn’t know how to communicate properly. I spoke unnecessary, unimportant words into my life and other’s. I didn’t know and understand what it was like to be truly in love with myself before allowing someone else to love me. And to be honest, I’m not near where I want to be yet, I still have my off days.

I’ve opened my mind to realise little everyday things, like the fact that I don’t listen to the same BS music anymore. Why would I want to poison my mind with hearing ‘singers’ and ‘rappers’ talk about ass, sex, and racial prejudice? The same way certain music makes you feel a certain way, these ‘things’ in life have energies and how you choose to ‘absorb’ these energies (whether you think you do or don’t), can either make you a better person and show the world what you truly made of OR it can show your egotistical, defensive, attention-seeking self…which the world doesn’t need more of. Keep positive, helpful and happy things and thoughts in your life, and the world around you will ooze exactly the same energy. (Daily note and reminder to myself – it’s not always easy, I know!)

I want to thank Marta and Richard again for helping me on this continued path to clear these toxic energies and thoughts in my life, especially before baby is born. I highly recommend actually looking at the items you own, knowing why you have them and asking yourself, if it’s something that’s holding you back? If it’s a yes, JUST GET RID OF IT. I promise, it’s worth the ripple effect.


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