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How To Argue With Your Partner

The Sicilian Mama

  1. Move away from fragile items.
  2. Stick to the original topic. If your started off about dirty laundry and, after a while, you find yourselves arguing over money, unless you’ve mentioned a launderette along the way, you’ve gone off topic.
  3. Mentioning in-laws, each other’s friends or pets grants an instant penalty shoot to the adversary.
  4. An argument is not a memory game about past arguments.
  5. Not all problems are his/her fault. Donald Trump, quite likely, isn’t.
  6. Not all problems have a solution and not all people with a problem want a solution (sympathy and cuddles are sometimes preferred)
  7. Make peace before the end of the day. Not only will this keep you safer while you’re sleeping, but it allows you to start a fresh new argument in the morning.
  8. Healthy arguing is a skill that needs practice. Start practicing while dating.

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