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Someone who supports love and thinks love is the most important thing. Love for mankind, nature and art with no judgement and conditions. Belongs to no religious group.

Hi! I’m Nikita, proudly South African/Sicilian ‘Wanderluster’, New Mom and Pizza Enthusiast 🙂

I hit a ‘quarter-life crisis’ at 25 years old (3 years ago), ‘unregrettably’ sold almost everything, packed my little bags, left the Mother City – Cape Town and decided to write about my journey and experiences along the way. I lived in Bangkok for 6 months and then moved to the United Kingdom last year. I’ve moved so many times, and love the traveling, meeting new people and learning about new places and cultures.

This blog is real, spoken-from-the-heart, no bullshit snippets of my life, my creative vent and a journey that will continue to go far beyond the borders of Cape Town.

Thanks for visiting,

Nikita | The Lovist


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