Proudly South African/Sicilian. ‘Wanderluster’. Mum-To-Be. Pizza Enthusiast. Brand Ambassador…but most of all, Human, just like you!

I hit a ‘quarter-life crisis’ at 25, ‘unregrettably’ sold almost everything, packed my little bags, left the Mother City – Cape Town, decided to write about my endeavours and experiences…and I haven’t looked back. I lived in Bangkok for a while and now I’m happily living in the United Kingdom settling down here, about to have my first-born. My goal is still to travel the world, one country at a time but in the meantime I share stories about spirituality, pregnancy, my life experiences and journey.

This blog is real, spoken-from-the-heart snippets of my life, my creative vent and a journey that will continue to go far beyond the borders of Cape Town.


Nikita | The Lovist


Contact me below for any collaboration queries and reviews:



*Photos: Maxine Heroldt Photography




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