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First Session of Life Coaching and Energy Rebalancing

Last Sunday I had my first session with Richard and Marta and it’s taken a week to actually think about my experience and try to word it best, without sounding completely crazy or like I was high on LSD. Continue reading “First Session of Life Coaching and Energy Rebalancing”

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It’s OK To Ask For Help

Welcome to the first part of my new journey. I won’t be flying economy class and won’t need to pack a physical bag this time but I am intending on a first class experience and leaving loads of unnecessary baggage behind.  Continue reading “It’s OK To Ask For Help”

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Central London Through my Eyes

It’s been a year this month, since I started my blog. This time last year I started my journey in Thailand and now I thought it would be cool to share my first time in the city of London: Continue reading “Central London Through my Eyes”

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One of the BEST Portrait and Live Band Photographers in South Africa!

I sat down with beautiful and extremely talented Johannesburg photographer, Maxine Heroldt and just simply had to share her refreshing work with others. She let me in on how she got into photography, the live bands she shoots for and the high’s and low’s of being a young photographer. I love her work so much, we did a small photo shoot and she made me feel so comfortable within in my own skin, flaws and all and no Photoshop!

PS: There’s also a photo shoot giveaway! Continue reading “One of the BEST Portrait and Live Band Photographers in South Africa!”


The Rollercoaster Ride called 2016

I haven’t written in a while and that’s ok. This year, was all about ‘self-discovery’ and just simply learning to be in the moment, good or bad. Luckily, I love rollercoasters. Continue reading “The Rollercoaster Ride called 2016”