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7 Things To Do In Phuket

Aaah Phuket… a top destination in Thailand for the honeymooners, the party-chasers and the tropical life! Other than sipping cocktails on the beach, here are seven things you can do… Continue reading “7 Things To Do In Phuket”

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Why I Couldn’t Live in Thailand: What Nobody Tells You

Aaaah Thailand… The land of smiles. Isn’t it?  Continue reading “Why I Couldn’t Live in Thailand: What Nobody Tells You”

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Koh Samui, the Party Island of Thailand

You haven’t been to Koh Samui unless you’ve slightly crashed your hired scooter, partied on the beach with strangers around the world, watched a live fire show, drank a bucket of alcohol and swam in the warm sea at night, fully clothed (RIP to my watch)…
Continue reading “Koh Samui, the Party Island of Thailand”

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What To Do In Bangkok

I LOVE the bustling and hustling city of Bangkok! I lived in the heart of BKK for 6 months and it was some of the best and crazy times of my life.

Bangkok is a crazy, congested yet peaceful city and it would take a lifetime to explore every inch of it! Here are some starters, which include partying, shopping and touring to get you going…  Continue reading “What To Do In Bangkok”

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Teaching in Thailand Q and A

I’ve been asked so many questions about living and working in Thailand, specifically teaching, so I’ve put a Q & A together to answer any questions you may have… Continue reading “Teaching in Thailand Q and A”